Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here and there.

Miles new haircut. He wanted spiky hair.

Hanging out in the pool.

Miles caught fish on the pier with Gerald. He loves fishing with Gerald.

Gerald's new passion in life, fishing!!

I've found Gavin sleeping in a couple of random places lately.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beach Vacation

I know we live at the beach. So, why did we vacation where we live? Well, we had a free place to stay on Sanibel Island, which is about an hour from our house. We were invited by our friends to vacation there with them for the week. It was nice being close to home, but yet being able to be away. We had a great time relaxing and enjoying time together. One of the advantages to vacationing near our home was being able to get a sitter to drive over and watch the kids one night so the adults could go to a nice dinner alone. The kids had so much fun on our vacation and I absolutely love watching their little faces light up as they experience new things. Even though we go to the beach often the older they get the more they can do at the beach. This year is our first year really riding the waves and it was a blast. We saw dolphins and sting-rays almost every day. Gerald and Miles fished some as well. Sometimes you don't know how much you need a vacation until you actually take one. We really needed a vacation! You will notice there are no pictures of me on this trip. I was behind the camera the whole time. Next time I will have to remember to get a picture or two.

This is their sand castle and Miles wanted his picture with it so he could "remember it."

What are you looking at?

Riding the waves.

Gavin is "all done pool" which means the ocean. Too much fun!

It rained some on our vacation and when it did it got cold.

Gerald and Rob riding the waves.

Gavin, Tessa, Drew and Miles. It's hard to get four in the same spot long enough to take a picture!

Gavin was sooooo excited!!

Look mom, I got it in!

Drew and Miles playing in the sand.

Gavin playing the water with daddy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Here and there.

Gerald sang at a wedding so we had a reason to get dressed up and leave the kids for the evening.

Gavin and Tessa at the park.

Miles laughing with his best buddy Drew.

If you look closely you can see the alligator in the picture. We were at the park and we saw everyone stopping and pointing. Of course we had to check it out ourselves. I was trying to get a picture of the boys standing their with the alligator in the background. It didn't really work out. The alligator turned and started swimming toward us. We decided it might be time to move on. There was no fence!!

This just made me laugh. Miles has learned he can be "funny".

Me and Gavin at the beach being silly.

We went to Sanibel and rode bikes. We went with our friends Maggie and Ben. The guys rode this and Maggie and I rode regular bikes. It was lots of fun! The kids loved it!!